There are people behind every product. The work accomplished by our employees day by day, along with their ideas and know-how, which flow into the development of our products, are what make the greatest contribution to our ongoing success.

Our role as experts in adhesive solutions entails far more than just a top product and distributing the accompanying application system. It is far rather a matter of supporting customers all the way from finding the right adhesive to optimising their entire adhesive process.

Over the last 25 years, the team and the associated knowledge have grown continuously, along with our success. Today, we are closer to our customers than ever, thanks to our own staff, our partners and an independently established distribution network.

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  • Thomas Simmler
    Thomas Simmler
    CEO, President
  • Maya Bänninger
    Maya Bänninger
  • Christian Bänninger
    Christian Bänninger
  • Philipp Maeder
    Philipp Maeder
    Head of Global Sales
  • Jochen Schanbacher
    Jochen Schanbacher
    General Manager China
  • Stefan Naef
    Stefan Naef
    Head of Sales Asia
  • Leszek Klimaszewski
    Leszek Klimaszewski
    Head of Sales Poland
  • Reto Stoppa
    Reto Stoppa
    Head of Sales ALFAPURA® / ALFAMELT® / ALFAST®
  • Christian Hauptmann
    Christian Hauptmann
    International Sales Manager
  • Andreas Albisser
    Andreas Albisser
    International Sales Manager
  • David Felde
    David Felde
    International Sales Manager
  • Yevgen Zhenilov
    Yevgen Zhenilov
    International Sales Manager
  • Markus Kohler
    Markus Kohler
    International Sales Manager
  • Riccardo Stefanelli
    Riccardo Stefanelli
    International Sales Manager
  • Alexander Reinhardt
    Alexander Reinhardt
    Commercial Sales Support
  • Andri Simmler
    Andri Simmler
    Product Manager & Technical Sales Support