Customer service

Behind every product there are people. Our employees put their stamp on our company with the work they do every day, with their ideas and outstanding know-how and make the greatest contribution to our success story. In what has been over 40 years, the team and associated know-how has grown continuously along with the success. We are proud of this.

From the development work in our own laboratory, production that is oriented uncompromisingly to quality, service that is utterly committed, both to the customer in the office and to sales in the field; what we do is oriented towards offering customers a solution completely adapted to their needs.

Today our role as expert for adhesive solutions involves far more than just one top product and the accompanying application system. It is far more a question of supporting the customer, all the way from evaluating the right adhesive to continuous optimisation of its entire bonding process.


With our own staff, our partners and an independently developed distribution network, we are closer to our customers worldwide today than ever before. The following customer service points are important to us:

Product evaluation

Different adhesives have different properties. Together with our customers, we determine the matching product for all kinds of applications. In this regard, we benefit from our great technical know-how throughout the entire bonding process in many sectors.


We prepare solutions with you that are tailor-made for your needs. We would be pleased to advise you on potential uses, process design and improvements and the optimisation of consumption quantities.


We offer equipment attuned to our adhesives. Whether it is choosing the appropriate spray device or evaluating the right application roller. We help you to decide!


Our logistics experts organise the worldwide dispatch to our customers. Wherever you need our adhesives, we deliver them there.

Courses & training

Our work does not end after installation is finished. Training and further training your staff is a continuous process and improves your work processes. In this way, your employees around the world become genuine adhesive application experts – and all free of charge!

Maintenance & upkeep

The correct handling and correct maintenance of our application system pay off. We show you how!