Social commitment

Social commitment at ALFA Klebstoffe AG has a high priority. In awareness of our social responsibility, we support selected companies and foundations every year and in this way make a contribution on behalf of people who are in need or disadvantaged.

In 2021 our donations went to …

Paraplegic Foundation

The activities of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation are based on the vision of holistic rehabilitation for para- and tetraplegics. This is done with the aim of enabling those affected to lead a self-determined life that is as autonomous as possible. Since its foundation in 1975, several thousand people affected have found their way back to an active and satisfied life.

Fragile Suisse

FRAGILE Suisse supports people with a brain injury and their relatives throughout Switzerland with a wide range of services. A brain injury – such as a stroke, craniocerebral trauma or brain tumor – comes unexpectedly and changes one’s life from one moment to the next. FRAGILE Suisse stands up for the people affected and their relatives and gives them a voice.

Zurich Lighthouse Foundation

The Zurich Lighthouse has been offering terminally ill, dying people a place to find peace for over 30 years. The interdisciplinary team guarantees not only holistic care and personal attention, but a final home.

Doctors without borders (MSF)

MSF helps people in need, those affected by naturally caused or man-made catastrophes and armes conflicts, without discrimination and regardless of their ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or political beliefs.

Swiss air rescue REGA

Swiss Air-Rescue Rega provices rapid and expert assistance from the air around the clock and helps in serios emergency situations.


REDOG, the Swiss Association for Search and Rescue Dogs, which offers comprehensive training for dog and human rescue teams to search for missing and buried people.


The Cerebral Foundation is commited to helping people with cerebral movement impairments and their families to live as self-determined, mobile and carefree as possible.

Children’s Cancer Aid Switzerland

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the life of the whole family is turned upside down. Swiss Childhood Cancer Support accompanies families during the challenging times after the diagnosis.