History (milestones)

  • 2021

    ALFA wins the Sustainability Award from the Zürcher Unterland site for the development of ALFAPURA® adhesives

  • 2020

    Launched 1st adhesive line for the circular economy worldwide under the new brand ALFAPURA®

  • 2019

    Construction of the photo-voltaic system on the production building. ALFA produces its own electricity.

  • 2018

    Establishment of SIMALFA China Co. Ltd. in Shanghai.

    Expansion of production and warehouse building.

  • 2017

    Introducing a new corporate identity for ALFA Klebstoffe AG, SIMALFA®, ALFAST® and ALFAMELT®

  • 2016

    Planning expansion warehouse

  • 2015

    ALFA winns the renowned Zürcher Kantonalbank SME Prize!
    Further expansion of production

  • 2014

    Planning further expansion and partial implementation

  • 2013

    Extension of production facilities, expansion of sales: Ukraine, Baltic states, Russia, Turkey

  • 2012

    40 Years ALFA

  • 2011

    Construction of new office building

  • 2010

    Further sales expansion in South Africa, West Africa, Asia

  • 2009

    Expansion to Hungary, Romania, India

  • 2007

    Construction of new hall for new production

  • ab 2005

    Various new developments in the SIMALFA® field, launch in Poland

  • 2004

    ALFA develops the double roller as application procedure for foam bonding with SIMALFA®, additional land purchase (3800m2)

  • 2002

    30 Years ALFA: Land purchase (3320m2), beginning of construction at Vor Eiche 10 – move into the new headquarters in Rafz

  • 2001

    Maya Bänninger and Thomas Simmler take over the company. Visions for expansion

  • 1999

    Agency agreement for Germany with Wolfgang Gross

  • 1997

    Joint trade fair appearances with USA partner

  • 1995

    ALFA invents the Free Flowing System and launches it. Distribution partner in Japan

  • 1994

    First "major customers" for SIMALFA®

  • 1993

    First distribution partner for SIMALFA® (BENELUX)

  • 1993

    Development of a distribution network in Europe, first participation in an international trade fair: Interzum Cologne

  • 1993

    ALFA Adhesives Inc. established in New Jersey, USA

  • 1990

    First patent application for SIMALFA®, first sales activities abroad: Germany, Denmark, Austria

  • 1989

    First development steps for foam bonding adhesives

  • 1980s

    Further development of the product range, fast-setting dispersion adhesives for packaging machinery, first partnerships / representatives / agencies

  • 1976

    Extension of the product range with hot-melts.

  • 1972

    Emil Simmler and his partner establish the company in Buchberg

Anniversaries are memorable occasions. 2022 becomes such a special year for ALFA Klebstoffe AG. The company was established as a two-man company 50 years ago (1972). Driven by entrepreneurial spirit, Emil Simmler plucked up the courage to begin developing and distributing water-based adhesives. The fact that the adhesives were already free from solvents at this time was to put a lasting stamp on the history of the company.

The company continued to grow steadily in the following years. Today it has about 70 employees in the departments of management, research and development, production, purchasing, sales and marketing. Resources and know-how were continuously expanded and reinforced in the individual departments. Cooperation with various customers and suppliers at home and abroad led to the company building up its international renown.

Today the company is known as an innovative and flexible partner for all kinds of adhesive applications. Thanks to the high-quality and environmentally-friendly dispersions and hot-melts, the simplest applications, as well as complex and demanding bonding processes in series production, all succeed.

The products undergo continuous further development to do justice to the constantly growing demands of customers. As a result of the know-how transfer created in this way between consumers and ALFA Klebstoffe AG, both partners can benefit enormously – a classic win-win situation.

Especially in the field of environmentally-friendly wet-bonding adhesives, a pioneering feat was achieved with the launch of the SIMALFA® series. SIMALFA® is worldwide the first water-based, one-component adhesive with immediate wet adhesion for the bonding of foam and upholstery materials. Over the course of years, the solvent-free bonding system became established in the foam-processing industry as the international standard for efficient, ecological and processing-friendly adhesive application.

ALFA Klebstoffe AG will also rely on developing environmentally-friendly products and partnership with its contact groups in the future.