Our vision is the essential idea of ALFA Klebstoffe AG. All of our thoughts and action are based on it and in this way constitutes the identity of the company. This idea is permanent and characterises us today and in the future.

In the field of environmentally-friendly and solvent-free adhesives we offer our customers …

… the best quality products with the greatest benefits.
… the most flexible company for tailor-made innovations.
… the simplest solutions for a healthy planet.


Our mission is the framework we use as orientation for our daily work to guarantee and promote sustainable, healthy growth. This guideline provides us with stability and security in what we do.

Our …

… Products are always oriented towards what benefits the customer. They are innovative, easy to use and solvent-free.
… Company is a wonderful, inspiring workplace for our employees - always reliable, flexible and fast in handling customers.
… environment is something that we protect with what we do and with the products we develop and produce.


Our values are the heartbeat that impel us in what we do and determine our conduct in handling our environment and our fellow human beings.

We are …

… innovative:The challenge of our customers is what motivates us.
… environmentally-friendly:We are part of the environment that we want to sustainably improve, because we do not use solvents.
… market-leading:We have the courage to tackle forward-looking solutions today.
… economic:We employ resources economically where they produce the greatest benefit.
… quality-oriented:What we do, we do properly.

Mission statement

People: Friendly, modern, flexible, fast, passionate, reliable, fair, goal-oriented, curious
Product, service, development: High-quality, innovative, sustainable, solution-oriented, reliable, economical
With our customers: partner-like, fair, loyal, ethically-correct, transparent, customer-oriented