ALFA Klebstoffe AG develops, produces and distributes various adhesives for a wide range of uses worldwide. For this purpose, we provide comprehensive advice and support in all questions regarding adhesives and adhesive applications.

The requirements on our products differ from sector to sector and are increasing continuously. This is why it is important for our innovation process that we are close to our customer and that the information exchange of the individual departments works smoothly. In this way, we have succeeded in continuously launching new, innovative products, which have found wide acceptance.

Solvent-free adhesives for the foam industry

SIMALFA® is our absolute solvent-free wet-bonding adhesive for the foam-processing industry. SIMALFA® has already been deployed for over 25 years successfully in the biggest foam processors worldwide.

The special feature of the adhesive system SIMALFA® is the extremely high instant tack right after application. Parts coated with SIMALFA® can be bonded immediately, although there is absolutely no solvent in it (0% VOC). In the case of need, the bonding can also be corrected and adjusted after a certain time.

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Our high-performance hot-melts

Thanks to our experience since 1972, we can offer suitable hot-melts for all kinds of applications. These include tailor-made solutions for special applications and standard adhesives for various industries. Thanks to innovative further developments, we can also realise special products for unusual applications. With our unique service, we accompany you on the road to finding the best bonding solution.

Our ALFAMELT® hot-melts product range includes products for a multitude of applications.

Our cost-efficient and high-quality products feature a wide selection of standard EVA hot-melts, economic polyolefin-based ALFANTRA® adhesives and highly efficient PSA hot-melts.

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Pioneers for environmentally-friendly adhesive solutions

For over 40 years we have been developing tailor-made dispersion adhesives for the most widely-varying applications and industries. Our comprehensive know-how throughout the entire bonding process is the foundation for the innovations of our development and is included in the production of the adhesives.

This is how our products manage to meet the highest requirements. Our customers appreciate the support and service with which we accompany them on the way to finding the best adhesive solution.

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