ALFAMELT® – Pallet securing

Are you still securing your goods on pallets with costly intermediate layers or stretch film? We show you how it can be done nice and easy.

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SIMALFA® CR-free adhesives

Introducing SIMALFA® CR-free adhesives – the first CR-free one- and two component adhesive for foam-bonding.

2020-04-22T16:09:03+02:002. April 2019|

New product launch: ALFAST® 9005

Thanks to products of first-class technical quality, we can set ourselves apart from our competitors. With the biodegradable ALFAST® 9005 (according to DIN EN 13432), we are adding a further adhesive to our product portfolio, which fulfills the requirements for the highest quality and reliability, as well as our focus on innovation, efficiency and ecology.

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The latest product for bonding upholstery foam

The latest product in the SIMALFA® series, SIMALFA® 338, closes a gap in bonding upholstery foam with water based adhesives. Thanks to the enormously strong instant tack even with one-sided application, high tension bonding can be performed effortlessly so that drying or pressing times can be further reduced.

2017-05-11T13:50:03+02:0024. June 2016|

ALFA D becomes ALFAST®

An own name for our dispersion adhesives

Continuous growth impelled us at the end of 2014 to give our hot-melts a name of their own. We are pleased that we can now also take this step with our dispersion adhesives. It is with pride that we announce that our ALFA D dispersion adhesives are to become ALFAST®.

“Thanks to our high quality adhesive solutions, the comprehensive technical know-how throughout the entire bonding process and our outstanding service, branding in this product area is the logical consequence of our successful work,” explained Technical Sales Manager Reto Stoppa.

2017-05-11T13:52:58+02:007. April 2016|

Twenty five years SIMALFA®

A quarter-century of environmentally-friendly, solvent-free adhesives – we are celebrating 25 years of SIMALFA®!

Endowed with the vision of bonding foam using a solvent-free adhesive, the founder of ALFA Klebstoffe AG, Emil Simmler, launched the development of SIMALFA® adhesives in the 1980s. On 26 June 1990, the time had come – a patent application for the first SIMALFA® generation was filed.

What followed was a true success story without parallel that has lasted for 25 years. A product that meets the highest quality standards, a perfectly matched, straightforward application system, outstanding service throughout the entire bonding process and a worldwide customer and distribution network are what have made SIMALFA® adhesives into what they are today – worldwide the no. 1 for bonding foam.

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