Twenty five years SIMALFA®

A quarter-century of environmentally-friendly, solvent-free adhesives – we are celebrating 25 years of SIMALFA®!

Endowed with the vision of bonding foam using a solvent-free adhesive, the founder of ALFA Klebstoffe AG, Emil Simmler, launched the development of SIMALFA® adhesives in the 1980s. On 26 June 1990, the time had come – a patent application for the first SIMALFA® generation was filed.

What followed was a true success story without parallel that has lasted for 25 years. A product that meets the highest quality standards, a perfectly matched, straightforward application system, outstanding service throughout the entire bonding process and a worldwide customer and distribution network are what have made SIMALFA® adhesives into what they are today – worldwide the no. 1 for bonding foam.